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Toxin Absorber™ - 30 packets

Toxin Absorber™ - 30 packets


Toxin Absorber™ is an all-natural formula to clean the digestive tract, remove accumulated waste and strip built-up mucoid plaque from the walls of your intestines.

30 individually packaged doses bind to toxins and absorb unwanted deposits, allowing your body to naturally expel unhealthy burdens.

Each dose of this natural toxin cleanser contains Psyllium seed husks, Bentonite and Apple Pectin. 

Each Toxin Absorber™ comes in either Organic Peppermint Leaf or Organic Ginger Root flavors.

• Ginger Root – Settles the stomach, promotes healthy inflammatory response and more.

• Peppermint Leaf – Aides digestion and increases bile flow, soothing effect on the colon.




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